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5:00pm 05-17-2011
outstanding book, you really know what your doing!!!
8:35am 12-02-2010
Hey ya'll,
This is yo gurl pamela de leon hittin yall up from the 703. Just wantd to give da shout out to ma boi's
10:00pm 03-08-2010
Nancy Wawrla
Pammy, nice website. I saw a few "bikers sans bikinis" in this warm weather...thought of you. I hope Wendy keeps you in the Yoga loop. With all of your book signings, you'll need it. Love ya!
9:11am 03-08-2010
Cindy D'
You're famous, Girl!
I can say, "I knew you when.".
6:24pm 03-07-2010